Jan 4, 2013

How-to Mango Tango on a Friday night?

No, my post is not gonna be talking about Tango dancing at all... But it is about Mango of course! ^^

Well, one of the best part of my summer season is eating mango! : ) Yesterday, I got this Calypso Mangoes, 2 for $4.50 from Woollies. Not really sure if is a really a great offer but well it doesn't really matter to me though. I haven't been eating mangoes for quite some time. 

Then, I realized something yesterday... I have never peel or cut a mango myself at all. Felt pretty annoyed by that fact! Don't be mistaken. I had mangoes before... Mostly in desserts and occasionally my dad would be the one doing the slicing and peeling job at home. So, to be honest, yesterday was my first time peeling and slicing one. 

Not gonna make a big hoo-hah 'bout me slicing my first mango but I am pretty sure there are some of you whom never sliced your own mango as well.

Here are some how-to tips for you.

Step 1

Before slicing any fruits or vegetable, I would usually rinse them with water to get rid of the wax coating. Although I have read article saying that sometimes is almost impossible to get rid of the bacteria underneath the wax coating by just rinsing with the water, but I still think is somehow better than not rinsing it.

Step 2
The mango has a flat seed in the middle, cutting into three portions will easily get rid of the seed.
Cut the mango into three portions as shown as the picture. Leave the middle portion (seed) aside.

Step 3
Make light cross-cut slices on the other two portions  and make sure you do not slice through the skin.
With your fingers, push the skin-side of the mango cheek up so that the skin can lie flat on the plate or chopping board.

Step 4
Cut along the base of the cross-cuts (close to the skin) and serve.

Step 5
Eat the flesh around seed by cutting or peeling off the skin from the middle section.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3a
Step 3b
Step 4
Step 5

I hope these steps are useful to you. I still think I need lots of practices though. Here are some Youtube video which I find very useful as well. Check it out!

Off to study for now... = [ Lucky me I have my mangoes, grapes and yogurt to spice up my Friday night! Have a great Friday peeps! xoxo~

With love,