Jan 2, 2013

It's A Matter of Trust

I do not consider myself as a bookworm at all but I would still enjoy some good reads from self-enrichment books once in a while. And the best part of it is that I realize I would gain something different every time I read it through.

Try understanding this,
"If you really consider it, trusting anyone, even ourselves, doesn't make any sense. If we trust, we don't watch, we take things for granted, we get lazy, and we miss a lot. But if we watch everything and everyone with a sense of inquisitiveness, we remain alert and fresh. No, this doesn't mean to be distrustful and paranoid - just do not trust - watch! Try it and then decide for yourself which is the better approach." - Murray Oxman
The first time reading this, it makes no sense to me at all. I feel that not-to-trust is gonna be so time-consuming and tiring for any individual. But then, today when I gone through this quote again, I realize that the author was not trying to stop us from trusting but to remind us not to trust blindly. Therefore, WATCH cautiously if you are going to trust a person, an incident, anything!

"Don't trust me!" Minion said.

From personal experience, the scariest part about Trust is knowing what you've always believe turns out to be something else. Be it involves a love relationship, friendship, work or anything else. No doubt you would be sad, may be heart-broken, or even depressed about it, but honestly come to think of it, if we would had not took things for granted and loosen our guard from observing, we might have been able to see things clearer.

I have met people. People who seem nice, helpful, friendly, anything good about a person - you name it! But deep down in the roots of human beings, humans are selfish. Don't try to tell me, No, I have met people who are truly sincere, kind and blah blah blah. Just wait, watch and then decide again. 

When a person has its own agenda, I am pretty sure all these niceness, helpfulness and friendliness would just be set aside. Then, you as close ties who then discover the harsh truth about this person would start to be disappointed about it. Why? Because you believe this person for what she/ he wants you to perceive as in the first place. My point here is... anyone can be all-so-good and nice if they want to. But, they can be all-that-nasty and bad as well. Is just the matter of time.

I am not saying that everyone I know is you-know-evil. Don't get me wrong. But, when somethings happen, we have our responsibility too. The responsibility of taking things for granted and trusting too much; causing ourselves disappointment in the end. The other individual has their responsibility but so do we. So, what if she/ he did not turned out to be who you thought they were, that's because each individual has a mentality about being someone else, someone a society wants them to be. No one is to blame. No one...

This is hilarious! Yeah, some bitches just suck at math!

Of course, I would still want to thank those who made me see clearly who they really are. Yes, I had my disappointments and heart-broken times, but that's just you being you! And yeah, I of course have made others upset, angry, disappoint with me. But who doesn't? As long as the person doesn't does anything which is morally or ethically wrong from my point of view, it's okay to just be yourself. i know it's hard to put a all-so-good mask on all the time. Gee... And by the time you realize, most people would take you for granted for your all-so-good traits and then you start complaining. Of course this doesn't apply to those who wanted and choose to act innocent and all-so-good after they made mistakes and put the blame on someone else for misleading them. Because everyone has their responsibility to be who they really are, do the right thing and do the thing right! LOL

I just pity those who has to constantly put on their masks. It's just so tiring. For people around you, they constantly have to watch and trust. For people who don't know you, they constantly have to figure when to watch and when to trust.

I choose to trust who I wanted to. But not to trust blindly. For all you know, you can trust once blindly but never twice! Never let those who doesn't deserve your love, respect and trust manipulate how you feel. It's not worth it at all. And if you were given a second chance, be sure you appreciate it~ xoxo

With love,