Jan 12, 2013

Buy 1 Free 1 - Noggi Frozen Yogurt is in town!

It's finally open! And yay! Its gonna be great 'cuz i get to indulge myself with Noggi's Frozen Yogurt.

They are actually situated at several places in Brisbane city. The Queen St Myer Centre branch is now officially open. And guess what?

They are doing a Grand Opening Weekend Special - Buy 1 get 1 free for the regular size frozen yogurt. Awesome! I think its a pretty great deal! You'll get yourself 2 regular-sized frozen yogurt on this hot sumer day for only $5.50 and you get to choose 3 of your own topping from their wide variety; from fresh strawberries to Tim Tams and even cocopops! Yum yum yum~

I've actually went there twice today! Oh gosh~ very guilty... Lols... Had the green tea and original flavours! Its such an indulge on a hot summer day! I've tried the mango flavor as well. Not too bad but I definitely recommend the green tea flavor ones. The second time I went, green tea flavor sold out!!! So those of you who are green tea fans, you need to hurry go get some!

The whole decor of the shop was simplistic and natural. The interior was amazingly different; they have these section where you can sit on the grass area with pillows and side tables. It's pretty relaxing sitting there, chit-chatting and enjoying a cup of frozen yogurt. Although I do think that it would be much comfortable to sit on the pillow rather than the grass itself. =)

So those of you who are in Brisbane or will be coming to Brisbane today or tomorrow, just drop by and enjoy some frozen yogurt while they are having this awesome Grand Opening Weekend Special! Enjoy your weekend people!!