Jan 1, 2013

My 2013 New Year Resolution

During this time of a year, I am pretty sure most of the people will be taking this opportunity to make themselves a list of things that they wish to achieve in the coming year. And since, the world actually did not ended as predicted by the Mayans calendar, I have to start being very practical with my goal setting for 2013. The reason is if the world had actually really ended a week ago, I would not have to be worry 'bout all my concerns by now. Foolish me, yes! I actually did kinda think I could just walk away from all my worries and troubles!

Well, long story cut short. I decided not to make my list too long... So, may be ten, will do? NO, may be five. I am not going to set too high expectations this year and realizing I always only get 4 out of 10 things done in my lists every time. So, If I did 4 out of 5, that would almost be 90% achievable! *evil grin*

Here goes...

No.1 Have a Financial Plan for year 2013

This is my very first priority. The coming few years are critical. Money money money~ Honestly, I am not going to lie. I just freaking need money! Money for my rent, tuition fee, food and pretty much everything. Need to get a part-time job to cover all my basic expenses, save up for my tuition fee and may be some savings for a bit of travelling. The harsh reality is I am on my own feet and asking money from my parents sound so wrong at my age, I have to say. So even though I am not going to lie that life would be much easier if I could just ask for money BUT I just can't do so anymore.

No. 2 Be a High Achiever in My Master Degree

Everyone around me has been really supportive towards my decision of getting back to uni again. Not gonna disappoint them and would love to get a scholarship or may be subsidiary from my university on my studies. Therefore, I have to work my ass out for this coming years to achieve that. Wish me best of luck, people!

No.3 Let Bygones be Bygones

I know this one here sounded a bit ridiculous but I really have a rough year 2012. Nothing seems to go right for me. Lucky enough, not to get into a depression but I had to really let go of some terrible haunting thoughts of mine which has been causing me sleepless nights with terrible dark circles and eye bags. I need to forgive and forget, then carry on. I can see it's going to be a huge surprise awaiting for me at the end there! Woots~ And please, family and friends, if you ever see me unhappy or you-know-crying, all you need to do is just give me a hug to feel better, no further questions! LOL And btw, crying is not that I am not tough, is just that my body need to physically express those tears and get going. Being tough is never about holding back the tears but to let the tears go and then carry on with a big big smile! That's life! So, I expect some hugs when I see you. Hot guys, you can give me a peck on the cheek if you want. But only hot guys, kay? *giggle* Just kidding.

No. 4 Really Got to Slim Down

I had been abusing my appetite and my body for the past 5 years. I have people whispering about me getting fat and coming to me saying "I think you gain some weight!" Okaay! You can just shout out loud and say I gain lots of weight! I am not gonna lie at all. So, made a decision. I have already started a diet plan. Aiming to lose may be around kilos. Current weight is 52 kilos if not mistaken. And sadly, I am not tall. So I have to do this for the sake of the rest of my life. I wanna go out looking smoking hot and make you people jealous! *evil* hahahaha... Well, I need encouragement, support and most of all love! If you see me, and I am still that fat-ass-girl, don't you dare come to me and say "Oh my! You look great!", I won't believe a word you say! Pretty stubborn headed, am I? =P Just have to be harsh to myself to get what I want. I promise to eat healthy and stay healthy! No worries~

No. 5 Be a Successful Blogger?

I started blogging since 2005 but I just couldn't make it on top of the way. Reason... I have be procrastinating for all these time. So, I decided I have to keep going and do this the right way. My dad  was telling me this the other day, "Don't spend too much time of how things are not working out, especially in the jittery start-up phase. Focus on what you need to do to grow the business and, to steal a phrase from Nike, JUST DO IT!" (He got this from the newspaper, he said) So, yes, I am doing it now! Trying to get my blog an identity! Still working on it! And I think the best way of doing it, is to JUST START WRITING! Gimme some advice if some of you who has experience and would like to gimme some free advice! =] I would appreciate your help! I mean it. Would love to hear from anyone, pros, amateur, families, friends, strangers but please no haters. I am bad at dealing with haters. Just a heads up, if you don't like me. Just don't drop by cuz you will pretty much not be happy with anything anyway. Geez.. well of cuz i knew you people are nice! so please be nice to me too! xoxo

I hope everyone would have a unceasingly fruitful year of 2013.

With love,