Feb 26, 2013

Gusto da Gianni - My Italian Casual Dining Experience

A 20-minute drive from Brisbane city, bring you to one of Brisbane's most desirable hotspot; from fusion eateries, boutique retailers to modern designed living. Gusto da Gianni - a fine casual Italiano dining, situated at Portside Wharf, Hamilton Harbour.

There are many other dining choices within the precinct. What makes Gusto da Gianni stands out from the other ones is definitely its environment at first sight. A very romantic environment with different spaces; from waterfront view seats with a touch of casual and cozinesss, to proper function rooms setup and pizzaria or a romantic private corner. Its a place suitable for family, couples or corporate. Whether is a family gathering night or a romantic dinner-for-two, you name it! They have it all - the perfect space for your needs.


They have a menu right before its entrance and a cute lil' Vespa parked outside; making you feel as if you're not in Brisbane at all.

I started of with a Roselle Lychee Margaritta. Its definitely for ladies with a sweet tooth yet a tint of the margarita taste but not too strong. Definitely, recommend this!

My partner's attention were quickly drawn towards its Italian Thick Hot Chocolate. It was indeed very very very chocolaty and which in fact was not as sweet as we expected. A good choice for chocolate lover. The chocolate felts like its melting within your taste bud and would stay there forever. Yum~ Yum~ Yum~

Here's what we have ordered for the night.

ALLA BRESAOLA - Mozzarella, Air Dried Beef, Rocket & Shaving of Reggiano Cheese
The thin crust pizza was really crispy yet each bite was fill with cheese, rockets and the beef slices. The portion was very generous. I think if you are not really hungry, it can be served for 2-3 person.

MEZZE MANICHE ALLA CREMA DI SALMONE - Short Pasta with Smoked Salmon, Vodka and Green Peppercorns
The salmon chunks taste great with the tint of vodka in the white creamy sauce. The dish look very simple yet taste superb. Love the idea of vodka in the dish! 

We had Tiramisu for dessert later that night. Unfortunately, my phone was out of battery and I couldn't snapshot a picture of it. Well, i was not a big fan of their Tiramisu though. It tastes normal, nothing surprising nor spectacular. I would suggest you to save your tummy for other desserts if you really need some sugar rush after a filling dinner.

Overall Rating for Gusto da Gianni is 7.5/ 10.
Food Quality: 8/ 10 - My dishes were great! 
Service: 7.5/ 10 - Helpful staff, service can be improved.
Ambiance: 9/ 10 - Personally, love the atmosphere.
Price: $$$ - A bit too pricey for pizza and pasta! 

Overall, my dining experience at Gusto da Gianni was great. I would definitely suggest this place for couples on special environment if you would like something fancy and would not mind paying for the ambiance and environment. The staff were quite helpful, one of the waiter taught me how to pronounced my dish in a proper way. Hehe^^ One thing was when we need to order, it took us quite a while to be attended. After dinner, you could also take a stroll along the Portside Wharf. Not-a-bad-idea for a date! 

Click HERE for more information from their official website. We were lucky not have to wait too long for a table without a reservation because I reckon it was on weekday. But, if you are planning to have your dinner there on weekends or special occasions, please be sure to call or make an online reservation through their website. Check out their FACEBOOK page for more updates as well.
Also, check out the PORTSIDE WHARF at Hamilton Harbour for more information on their dining, shopping and living.
"Hanno un grande girono!" means have a great day in Itallian.